Insider Drip: Online Auctions

April 18, 2018

Everyone is looking for a good real estate deal these days.  With prices skyrocketing in most metropolitan areas buyers are willing to go to any lengths to get a bargain

On top of that, Buyers are knowingly or unknowingly taking on significantly more risk when purchasing homes in unconventional ways.

One of these non-traditional ways of buying a home is Online Real Estate Auctions.

For a savvy Buyer, there are opportunities found in online auctions, but there is also a larger potential for failure.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Utilize a Real Estate Broker
  2. Read the auction site fine print; Be Informed about leans, inspection rights, bidders fees, etc.
  3. Consider conducting an inspection before making a bid
  4. Research any potential hidden fees!
  5. Make sure you Do Not Overbid; Really set a budget, and stick to it.

Free Downloads: Sample Auction Contract Clauses

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