Insider Drip: Home Warranties

April 25, 2018

Episode 04: Home Warranties

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Our guest expert, Mike Reed (First American Home Warranty), joins The Insiders to discuss how Home Warranties also benefit Sellers, and can actually make a Buyer’s offer stand out above the competition. logo.jpg
Visit Mike Reed’s website here: First American Home Warranty

Episode Highlights:

  1. Home Warranties cover a wide range of appliances, heating and cooling, and plumbing systems in the home. 
  2. Home Warranties are a comforting repair cost safety net for Buyers
  3. Home Warranties are relatively inexpensive, and are paid out of closing.
  4. Home Warranties are good for lowering Buyer’s fears of home system failures in the first year.
  5. Home Warranties also protect Sellers during the listing period and throughout the transaction & closing process.
  6. A Home Warranty can be the icing on the cake that seals the deal.

Free Download: Sample Home Warranty Plan    First American Brochure

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  1. Robin Apr 26, 2018

    Great Blog – thank you for sharing the information

    • Water Cooler Real Estate Apr 26, 2018

      We are so happy to share what we have learned, this is our passion!

  2. Lots to learn on this blog.

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