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Evaluating Real Estate Offers for Sellers

Your home is on the market, now you get an offer.  In this week’s episode, The Insiders cover the basic terms of the offer that you, as the Seller, should consider, evaluate, prioritize, and ultimately... Read More
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Buying & Selling Vacant Land

The Insiders discuss many topics related to buying vacant land.  In this episode, The Insiders  focus on buying a single lot or parcel of land for building a single family residential home.  They cover cost... Read More
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Insider Drip: Home Owners Associations

The Insiders discuss the Good & the Bad of HOAs, including all of the important documentation you need to review when placing an offer on a property that is affiliated with a Home Owners Association.... Read More
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Insider Drip: Buying a Condo

In this episode, The Insiders discuss many of the advantages, disadvantages, and other aspects to consider when buying a condominium. They also tough on the Condo lifestyle, types of condos, amenities, Home Owners’ Associations, and... Read More
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Insider Drip: Wood Burning Stoves

In this week’s episode, The Insiders discuss the Health Hazards of Wood Burning Stoves, along with many of the State & National Regulations of Wood Stoves which may affect Buyers and Sellers in a Real... Read More
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Insider Drip: Mold & Interior Air Quality

Poor interior air quality can substantially affect your family’s health.  When you have found a home you want to purchase, during the inspection period, one of the more serious issues you need to investigate is... Read More
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Insider Drip: To Stage or Not to Stage

In this week’s episode, The Insiders speak to Sellers about the concept strategy of staging, staging options from “De-Cluttering” to whole room furniture replacement, as well as discussing the documented benefits of staging a home,... Read More
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Insider Drip: Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Home

If you need motivation, in this episode, The Insiders list the Top 10 Reasons to Buy A Home, including quality of life, tax benefits, equity, wealth development, etc. Episode 22: Top Ten Reasons to Buy... Read More

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