Insider Drip: Buying a Condo

September 26, 2018

In this episode, The Insiders discuss many of the advantages, disadvantages, and other aspects to consider when buying a condominium. They also tough on the Condo lifestyle, types of condos, amenities, Home Owners’ Associations, and many other important issues to investigate when you are considering buying a condominium…

Episode 26: Condominiums

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  1. That’s really interesting what you do. I wish you could also have a transcript of the podcast, or at least an outline of the key things you talk about.

    • Water Cooler Real Estate Oct 8, 2018

      Most of our episodes do have highlights on the blog page, so sorry this one did not. We are also looking into putting more detailed highlight points attached to the Podcast. Thank you so much for you feedback 🙂

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