Insider Drip: Writing a Winning Offer

May 30, 2018

Behind the scenes! Watch as real home buyers Chris and Alex discuss and create a competitive offer with their broker. Click here to view!

Episode 09: Writing a Winning Offer

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As we are in a Sellers Market in many areas across America, it is now more important than ever, to stand out and above the competition when purchasing a home.  In  this episode, The Insiders help explain the offer process, and give tips on crafting a Winning Offer to get you in the home of your dreams.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Take into consideration your goals; are you just trying to get the best price the best price for this property (get a really good deal) or is this a home that you have to have and you want that final opportunity to get the bid back from the seller.
  2. Take into consideration your home selection; the stats, the location, and condition. Also what is the competition like; are you going to have people bidding against your or are there other homes you would consider, and this one isn’t a must have.
  3. Have your realtor look into the days on the market for the property and some other history, make sure they haven’t had a recent price reduction (which would make it more competitive.) Take a look at the recent comparable purchase history (the homes that were very similar in the same area.) How much did they go based on list price, did they go over, or under, or sell right at asking price.

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